Get Started
7 Deploy to Production

Step 7 - Deploy to Production

Run the deploy command

You can use the command line to push your integrations to production once you are ready.


Consider using a separate terminal window so you can continue to run your dev server.

npm run deploy

If all goes well, you should see something like this

CLI: [INFO]: Deploying to prod
CLI: [INFO]: Successful build
Server: [INFO]: Publishing lambda
Server: [INFO]: Deploying helloWorld, basicWebhook, helloSlack, githubWebhook, githubToSlack
Server: [INFO]: Subscribed githubToSlack
Deploy succeeded! 🚀

Verify the deploy worked

In order to verify that the deploy worked, return to your dashboard (opens in a new tab) and switch to your production environment


and you should be able to see all the actions...


...and webhooks.


Push a commit to your repo

Trigger the webhook by pushing a commit to the repo you specified.

Then check out the Deliveries tab to see the webhook data.


And check out the Runs tab on the GitHub to Slack action


If everything went well, you should see a Slack message in the channel you configured for production. The key difference from the previous step is that the action ran in your production environment (i.e. on our servers) and not your local dev server.

If your dev server is still running, you should see a second message indicating that the action also ran locally.